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Disruptors Network launch party on Feb 18th at 5 PM . We will stream on our viewing Webinar live to feature the first  Disruptors Network episode.

The new docu-series show will share the inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs sharing their tactics, strategies, and mindsets that got them where they are. “Our goal is to inspire people thinking of starting or finding themselves at the initial stages,” the creators share.

The Disruptors Network has made it their mission to present authentic, beneficial stories to their viewers. “We want to showcase two things: the impact that successful entrepreneurs are having on millions of people as well as the exact steps to get there so that people can see what’s possible,”  the creators explain.

Our next episode airs on Thursday, March 4th at 5:00 pm and it will be on Roku, Apple TV, YouTube, and Amazon Firestick. See our stellar women are below.

Our Featured Guests:

Vanessa Leon

Award-winning interior designer, who has been featured on HGTV

Vicky Llerena

Marketing and Business Development Expert

Nurys Marcel

Fashion Blogger & Real Estate Investor

Victoria Jenn Rodriguez

Founder and President of The Female Collaborative

Jatali Bellaton

Financial Expert, author and Founder of KidswhoBank


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