The Disruptors Network Docu-Series

The new docu-series show will share the inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs sharing their tactics, strategies, and mindsets that got them where they are. “Our goal is to inspire people thinking of starting or finding themselves at the initial stages,” the creators share.
Separating Reality From Social Media

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The show will be airing on Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, and YouTube TV.

More About The Docu-Series

When it comes to showing business, it’s often hard to separate reality from social media. The Disruptors Network has made it their mission to present authentic, beneficial stories to their viewers. “We want to showcase two things: the impact that successful entrepreneurs are having on millions of people as well as the exact steps to get there so that people can see what’s possible,” they explain.

The show will feature an impressive roster, including the founders, Ralph DiBugnara and Eulogio Medina, as well as Anthony Lolli, Raphael Vargas, Sickamore, Hovain, Vanessa DeLeon, Lynn Hazan, Anthony Delgado, Paul Getter, and Luke and Jordan Lintz. “All of our guests have one thing in common: they started out with virtually nothing. Nothing was given to them; they had to work for everything they achieved, and we want to get across the message that anything is possible with a strong work ethic and perseverance,” the Disruptors team says. The show will be airing on Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, and YouTube TV.